Themarox® can help keep your fish healthy, productive and disease-free. Testing conducted in independent laboratories and commercial size cultivation plants have confirmed Themarox® to be a superior treatment not just for disinfection, but also stocking, nursing, live fish delivery, processing and retaining freshness.

Key Benefits of Themarox® Aquaculture Treatment

  • Disinfection 
  • Water quality control
  • Maintains the rate of salinity
  • Controls and balances pH
  • Promotes fish growth
  • Prevents disease
  • Increases healing

Themarox® has been used to grow many freshwater and saltwater fish:

Including (but not limited to): Silver salmon, king salmon, oncorhynchus masou, rainbow trout, tibolodon hakonesis, leuciscus macropus, acheilgnathus moriokae, carp, roach, eels, catfish, misgrunus anguilicaudate; guppies, oscar, angelfish, neontetra, etc.; crustacean such as onitenaga shrimp, alga, lobster, crabs; opal eye, gopher, soi, flounder, sea bream, filefish.

Themarox Used for Pond Water Cleanup